The thing nobody REMINDS you of about running a business

We all wish for better, and every day, we strive to keep our hopes up in a bid to gain hold of our dreams. Some strive for good jobs. Others like me, leave the race for a good job and start out on a path to create a good job – start a business. Unfortunately, the stories we read concerning the struggles of starting up seem to be distant from  the unique challenges we encounter along the way.

I wished I knew better to make the right choices always, but how would I learn and prepare for bigger challenges if I do not know how to overcome my challenges, my way? So yes, nobody can really tell you how things will unfold on your journey as an entrepreneur or business owner, but you can help yourself by developing the mindset that “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it”.
Many of the things I have had to rely on to keep moving came from within: tenacity, focus, determination, etc. But I was not born with these qualities. I had to learn them. They may come more easily to a blessed few, but many of us looking forward to better days must learn them, practise them and imbibe them into who we are. “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it”.
Paperwork, investing your money into a business, generating potent leads, tracking leads, closing sales, managing the business, recruiting, etc. – even though we have an idea these things are hard to pull off, nothing ever prepares you enough for the realities. Nothing good comes easy anyway. So if you set your mind to carve out a path for yourself, be it a business, a new way of doing things, a disruption, or whatever your plans are, always keep this in mind…”It won’t be easy,but it will be worth it”.
Keep Moving.

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