What you see…What you choose…

Based on what you focus on, you’ll see a lot of that around you. Angry people hardly see smile-worthy and laughter-laden situations in the crowd of events in a day. They’re quick to spot seemingly annoying people and many situations are irking if not uninteresting to them. What a boring life of a self-captive soul!

I know better to live right than to get twisted in all the drifts of unhealthy emotions. I’ve seen much to make sound judgments on issues that spark ill emotions. I choose to be happy than be mad at the world, I choose to be of good cheer than wear a sad countenance, I choose to be light-hearted than be burdened. I choose the good that is hard to hold on to than the bad I could pick up with ease like dust.

Why settle for a life-sucker when I can abound in a meaningful life? Why let lies rooted in evil direct my ways when I can flourish in love grounded in the promises of my Father?


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