Cold Lit Street

I took a walk out to search for food, but I fell in love with the cold that draped all over me like a second body. The lights looked different, the sparkle in them was low but livelier than I’d ever seen them. It was quieter than previous times. For the first few minutes walking out in pursuit of food, I wondered what would meet me when at the roadside. But then, the hunger was belittled by the awesomeness in the feel of every step I took; and I began to care less about the food I sought, rather to enjoy the walk. I got nothing solid, but meat for kebab. Coloured water served as a good down-washer.


Now I’m back to where I was before setting off. Sitting on my bed, nothing much to enjoy in here compared to what met me outside. Time happens to us all, and I chose rather to enjoy the beauty I beheld. That beauty has fed my soul, but my stomach yearns for something…something solid…


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