To be or Not to be: The Dilemma of a Trep – Part 2

Image by Alejandro Escamilla

It is exasperating to think up the fragments that make up the big idea you just dreamed of, or probably chanced on. In our minds, it is easy to see how much our ideas are worth: very often, invaluable; most times, a million dollars; once in a while, a billion. But the thought processes of monetizing what is clearly imaginary unfolds in similitude to building your dream house without really knowing the blueprint, settling for whatever comes up and fits (whether snugly or perfectly, a fit is all that counts). .

Based on what you focus on, you’ll see a lot of that around you. No need to be occupied with time wasters and life suckers. Just get on with what has to be done and make it work.

So apart from knowing what to do, the proper mindset predisposes us to whether we would see the possibilities and realities of our pursuit. Whether we can reach a goal or not, really, it all depends on “You”. So wrap up the loose ends and get back to the drawing board. Get your thoughts together and plan. Then step up to your game and do something about what you’ve only dreamed of till now. Cheers to you on your journey. Make it count, make it meaningful!

No more dilemmas; we are just who we are – TREPS!


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