How does one man’s pain create hope for another man?

Through the sufferings of Christ, we now have this unwavering faith that we are destined for good. Through His pain, we now believe that yes we can do all things by virtue of the strength we have in Him (Phil. 4:13). For this, I get it. I get it that He made a way. What... Continue Reading →


Way Back and Me now…

This is to those who have given up by virtue of hurts suffered. These are not words of sympathy, but of empathy - yes I've been there too. I hope you find the strength to move on and try again. I didn't think I would suffer hurt when it began I didn't consider hurt an... Continue Reading →

In the multitude of ideas…

Five years ago, I created a notebook to hold my business ideas. Looking back, there was a common theme that ran through all those wonderful and million-dollar ideas. The theme - all those ideas stemmed out from all I knew till that point: five years ago. Over time, I have learned new things, explored previously... Continue Reading →

What you see…What you choose…

Based on what you focus on, you'll see a lot of that around you. Angry people hardly see smile-worthy and laughter-laden situations in the crowd of events in a day. They're quick to spot seemingly annoying people and many situations are irking if not uninteresting to them. What a boring life of a self-captive soul!... Continue Reading →

When I’m Alone

My thoughts run wild when I'm alone. When I'm all to myself and there's hardly any lively memory I can depend on to feel just fine for the moment, I feel cut off from the world; sometimes even from God. I feel like I'm the only one in my situation - in a certain sense,... Continue Reading →

Next Phase of Life

The shrieks in the lonely nights; The weights of unmet expectations; The judging looks on the faces of those who "should" be friends; It all adds to the darkness in each day of hope for the beginning of how life "ought" to really be. When the times have done their worst, they give way for... Continue Reading →

Cold Lit Street

I took a walk out to search for food, but I fell in love with the cold that draped all over me like a second body. The lights looked different, the sparkle in them was low but livelier than I'd ever seen them. It was quieter than previous times. For the first few minutes walking... Continue Reading →

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